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Covid – 19 and Psychoanalysis

It was around 1960 when coronavirus was first mencioned, people may be infected with the common coronavirus throughout their lives, reaching predominantly the respiratory areas. It was at the turn of 2019 to 2020 that the Covid-19 variation emerged in China, which causes cough, fever and shortness of breath, making breathing difficult, leading to the death of people with poor health and causing a worldwide pandemic.

The epidemic paralyzed the world, putting anguish, fear and panic in evidence, giving relevance to mental health and the processes of the psychic apparatus.

Here are points discussed in the weeks of pandemic that link Covid-19 to mental health.

04/07/20 - Covid-19 - Tightrope

04/07/20 - Covid-19 - Overcoming Challenges

04/07/20 - Covid-19 - Historical Moment

04/07/20 - Covid-19 - Before And After Covid

04/07/20 - Covid-19 - Risk

04/07/20 - Covid-19 - Building On Fire

04/07/20 - Covid-19 - Fear

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