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About Us


Fabiana Ratti - Psychoanalyst responsible for the technical-clinical sector of the projects.

Fabiana Ratti – Psychologist PUC-SP - Unbewusste Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Fabiana Ratti is a Psychologist (PUC-SP), Lacanian Psychoanalyst, holds a Master degree from the University of Clinical Psychology by PUC-SP, worked in some nonprofit organizations as a psychoanalyst and supervisor, attending to various symptoms and groups of age. She has been working in a private practice since 1998 under the theoretical framework of the latest Lacanian Clinic Psychoanalysis. Author of the book Melancholic Inhibition: a psychoanalytic study on the pain of existing (2016).


Anaivânia Cardoso

Foto Anaivânia Cardoso - Coordenadora de desenvolvimento e conteúdo - Unbewusste Psicanálise Lacaniana

Graduated in Biological Sciences (2007) and Marketing (2019), she worked in the corporate world in the engineering and food retail segments for more than 10 years. Passionate about everyday life, literature, cinema and psychoanalysis, since 2019 she has developed, through interaction groups on social networks and the local community, the culture of psychoanalysis and everyday life. In 2020 he started to set up groups of thematic meetings by UNBEWUSSTE with the objective of promoting the meeting, moving the dialogue and creating spaces for debates. Along with the expansion of learning / knowledge of psychoanalytic practice as a way of opening up to the creative, to the emancipation of the subject, to the encounter with the other.


Wilson Takeuchi - Is responsible for the website.

Wilson Takeuchi - Marketing - Unbewusste Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Wilson Takeuchi has been graduated in Fine Arts at FAAP for 30 years. For twenty years he worked in the advertising agency marketing sector, becoming Art Director and then left to start his own arts company.
With his artistic sensibility, culture and aesthetic sense he proposed that we include the Borromean logic presented by Jacques Lacan in the art of the site, in which we are all crossed by the real, symbolic and imaginary. We only have access to fragments of reality, not reality itself, says Lacan in his teaching. To do analysis is to support deconstruction. Deconstruct established truths and reconstruct a unique and singular worldview.

Ígor Nunes - IT and website development

Ígor Nunes - Marketing - Unbewusste Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Ígor Nunes has a degree in Data Processing Technology from UNICID (Universidade Cidade de São Paulo). He has over 20 years of professional experience in website development and graphic design through his IDSW brand. Currently works on updating the Unbewusste website, including new content, podcast and other resources to improve it.

Manu Rodrigues - Digital design and video production

Manu Rodrigues - Design Digital e Conteúdo de vídeo - Marketing - Unbewusste Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Manu is Partner and Coordinator of Espaço Oddity, a space created for development and language. Works with digital design and video content within UNBEWUSSTE. In addition, Manu is a Guitarist and Teacher, has a degree in Radio and TV (FAPCOM - 2011), has a post-graduate degree in Higher Education Methodology (Anhembi - 2018), is an announcer and has worked on various projects for companies and people. She loves storytelling and creates intuitively. Lives on art and learning Oddity Space and supports all incentives to mental health and personal growth!


Rodrigo Gouveia

Rodrigo Gouveia - Unbewusste Lacanian Psychoanalysis

At a time when society is in disarray, when disruptive forces speak louder and family, loving, professional contracts are supplanted and placed at the mercy of fluctuations in pleasures and drives, strengthening rebellion and infidelity; projects like Rodrigo Gouveia's appear in society proposing a return to the bond. With Teammind Black Round Table it is possible to meet, tie, exchange. People sharing the same ideal of construction, creation, with the possibility of generating jobs and placing content products on the market, Rodrigo Gouveia creates the ideal environment for listening, circulating questions and building friendship. Rodrigo, an excellent contact facilitator, a pioneer in bringing people together through strategic partnerships, sees the common good, sees the goodness between brands or people.

Professional Team:

The professionals of the Unbewusste Network are committed to postgraduate training, training in psychoanalysis, in this way, continuing education to always advance as psychoanalysts. Each person who looks for the Network will be cared in a personalized way and depending on the demand for service from companies, we can increase our team of professionals to better serve them.